Stories for the future

Ep 44: Introducing season 4 and the elephant in the room

June 08, 2022 Veslemoy Klavenes-Berge Season 4 Episode 44
Stories for the future
Ep 44: Introducing season 4 and the elephant in the room
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Finally, Stories for the future is back! And today I will be introducing season 4 along with a new friend: the famous elephant in the room.

When it comes to sustainability and how to create a better future, we often talk about what businesses can do and what we can do as individuals on our "home territory". A part I often feel we forget is what we can do as individuals when it comes to the choices we make in our careers.
And this is what I want to address in season 4.

You will still meet people with stories to inspire you and get you thinking outside the box. But I will also bring on people with an expert view of this subject, alongside the people who have made a transition already.

As I mention at the end: You can find my brand new guide to more impactful work on my website

Welcome back, finally, after a long break. 

Today I will give you the short breakdown of what season 4 will focus on. 

Season 3 ended a little abruptly due to mye Easer cold and lazy immune system. But I actually realized it was a very natural place to break, and start a new season. 

Because, what I have seen during the now almost 2 years I have been doing this podcasting thing, is that things evolve. Much like I evolve, learn new things, often from the guests on this podcast, I also to a certain degree, change my focus. Often only slightly, but still. 

The overarching goal, you could call it the north star, is still the same. But that doesn’t mean that the road I am walking  on is a straight line. I picture myself walking on a bendy road, keeping an eye on the north star for direction, but the road I am walking on takes me through its bends and turns. 

So what is the overarching goal, the north star?

It is still me asking the question: How can we live a good life with a really exciting job, and at the same time take care of people and the planet?

For the three previous seasons I have very much focused on giving you all the great examples of people doing great things to contribute to both the health of us, the people, and our planet. I also have had a focus on making the stories relatable. I call all the guests super heroes, because we all are, in some way or another, but I don’t want to give you stories that are so far from your own reality that you can’t relate. 

And that will still be very important to me going forward. I want you to think after listening to a story that well, if he or she can do that, then I could maybe do something similar. 

So we have talked a lot about how we can create action, start actually doing something to create a better future And also about how we can connect the dots and make connections across borders to learn form each other And last, but not least how we can stop being so resistant of change. 

And this last point will be a focus in this season. Change will be a keyword.  

And that relate-ability will still be very important to me going forward. I want you to think after listening to a story that well, if he or she can do that, then I could maybe do something similar. That's very important. We have talked a lot about how we can create action, start actually doing something to create a better future, and also about how it can connect the dots and make connections across borders to learn from each other.

And last but not least how we can stop being so resistant of change. And I think this last point with. Actually be the keyword for this season season going forward change. And you know, I'm, I'm working as partly my work these days consists of helping companies get started with sustainability. So we talk about.

Change in our companies, that thing, how can they change their routines, their standards, their everything related to sustainability and get started. And we all, so all of us, I guess, hear a lot about how we can make changes as individuals. Eating less meat, traveling, less flying, less, uh, using our bicycles instead of driving and so on.

And so on. All the small individual changes that we also have to not forget about, but I feel there's one, one part of change or one, I call it actually the elephant in the room because. I see that when I work with companies, ultimately when it comes down to, to the question of doing something or not doing something, it all comes down to the individual in the company.

I mean, when. When you change your scene, going from your home, leaving your kids and family, going to work, do you change as a person? Do you suddenly have different, a different set of values and, and beliefs and everything? No, of course you don't. You're still the same person, but in our, in our work environment, we have, we have kind of.

This box or this, these borders that will live inside and that we of course need to fall out to a certain degree. And it often is kind of a dissonance between the person where we're at home and the person where in the company setting. So what I call the elephant in the room, Actually that I think the biggest, the biggest and best opportunity, we all have to make a huge difference when it comes to creating a good or better future is what we do for a living, how we act when we're at work.

And. What we do. What kind of work is it that we have? What kind of company is it that we work for? So this, I want to address in this season for our way in integrity with ourselves. When we come to work and do we actually use our skills, our talents, our interests. R our education and the best possible way.

And are you in a place where you, where you can actually do your best work or are you bored? Are you not, are you not able to use your, your talents? That's the question. And I think many of us, when we think about it, we. I often think is this it is this, what I will do? Is this out as much as I can do, could I do more?

Uh, and if you're like me, like having this urgency feeling all the time, It's really urgent that we fix a lot of things or do things in a better way. And I constantly, I didn't do this before, but now the last, I would say maybe five or six years, I have had this constant thought coming back. Am I not? In a place where I can have the biggest impact possible.

And often the answer is no. And then I, I try to figure out what I could do different differently. So, and I think we don't talk them about this, that much, that we, we spent eight. Or more hours at a at work that's well dependent on when you go to bed, that's about one third or, or maybe for some half of your waking hours.

So we spend this much time at work and if you're not like bill gates or somebody with a really huge fortune. Where you can, you can donate to a really good cause and, and do a lot just by using your money. I think for most of us, all these hours that we spend working, that's our best shot at making a difference to the future.

I dropped some small seeds about this theme earlier this year, when I told you that I had a plan that I would be working on for the next months to come , trying to figure out how I could use my own experience making a career shift to help other people do the same. 

You can get the whole background for this by listening to episode 39, called In between and behind the scenes - The TED talk that changed everything and my big goal for the next 90 days.

And this is very much the basis for season 4. If you could find a way to match a job that really excites you and where you can use your skills and talents in the best possible way with contributing to a better future for all, that would be a goal worth working towards, if you ask me. 

As I have mentioned before, the Japanese term IKIGAI means exactly this. Finding the sweet spot between what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs and what you can get paid for. 

So I am not talking about making huge sacrifices, quitting a good job to go work for a good cause that doesn’t excite you. Absolutely not. But I know - and I will get back to the statistics on this - that many of us are sitting on the wrong shelf. We are not in a place where we feel aligned with the purpose (if there is one at all), we live for the weekends and the holidays, and work is just that - work. 

I remember so well that I almost got provoked before when someone talked about how they LOVED - with capital letters - their job and couldn’t wait for the week to start. I didn’t understand it, and it made me both jealous and a bit angry. 

But now I know it is possible! And it all comes down to the purpose. And doing things I really enjoy. Sott Dinsmore said it so well in that TED talk I mention in episode 39: How can you find work you can’t not do. 

And I think this is the clue. 

I suspect that too many of us are lazy, too much comfort seeking and too resistant of change, to do anything about a job that both doesn’t fulfill you in any way and that maybe also is directly damaging to both people and planet. I’m not going to mention any particular industry, because I belive that almost any type of work could be used for good. And I say almost because there are definitely some industries that I think we should. Quit. I have to be honest about that.

So just to clearly point to the elephant in the room, I think it is this: 

Are you a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution? Because as we stand today, we can't afford to be a part of the problem anymore. And this does not mean that we all have to throw ourselves into becoming. 

Becoming a climate climate scientist, or a sustainability expert. By all means. And that is actually what makes this elephant in the room. So exciting. Because I can almost not think of. Any line of work where you can't be a force for a possible positive change in the world. And that's. The good thing about many challenges. There are so many opportunities to be a part of the solution.  

Going back to my own experience and story about making a career change, I know that this is not easy, and there are so many topics and issues to unpack here. Going from what you believe about yourself, changing your work identity, what the world around you thinks, how the fear of failure plays a big role. And so on and so on. 

I think the topic is highly relevant, and extremely interesting, and I am curios to see it from different angles and perspectives. And that’s why I in season 4 will have on guests that have made a transition, I will have guests who have more of an expert view on this, I will have guests that serve as inspiring examples of doing work that brings them closer to their IKIGAI. 

And my focus will always be to make it relatable for you, so that you can get advice and inspiration that can help you make a shift if you would like to. 

So to end of this introduction to season 4, I want to invite you to go to my website and get my newly published guide to more impactful work (that also makes you look forward to Mondays). This is based on years of writing and podcasting about my own journey making a career transition. I have tried to break down my tried and tested approaches to everything from mindset to practicalities around network and finding new opportunities. And I have put everything together in a 10 steps guide. 

Some parts might be obvious to you, so might not. My wish is that you can use it for something to ignite your career spark and also to find ways to have a greater and more positive impact on our future. 

And as you are signing up to download the guide you will also receive my newsletter which will keep you in the loop about everything happening, new episodes coming out and everything else. And also things happening around a little secret that I will reveal to you now: I have started a YouTube channel! 

I will share the reason behind this at a later stage, but I am actually discovering that a really like video. Who would have thought! Watch out kids - moms on Youtube! That is funny….

Ok. I will be back very soon with a very interesting guest, and I think I can say with some certainty that most of you probably don’t know much about the subject we will talk about. 

This guest falls into the category «Inspiring guest with a really exciting and fit for the future type of job.

You have something to look forward to.

Until then - have a great week, and I will talk to you soon!